Catala Express/JMC Express are Fraudulent

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Beware, Catala Transport/ CatalaExpress/ JCM express and JMC exppress are all the same company and they are ONE FRAUDULENT entity. They use all the names above. They quoted me $200 cheaper than the the competition (too good to be true) and demanded a $125 direct deposit (to reserve a spot on the truck.... what a scam!!). Once the deposit is cashed, they won't answer your calls and they vanish. However, when you call them using a different phone number, they do answer and once they know that you already paid the deposit, they hang up. I called them again for a "new quote" using a different phone number of mine just to get hold of them and Carlos (the THIEF) was nice on the phone. Once he knew who I am, he hang up. This illegitimate business thrives on collecting deposits and in my case they had NO INTENTION to fulfill their obligation. I am thinking of contacting the TX attorney General since Catala is registered in Houston . I will check with my bank to get further information on them. don't be a prey to these vicious predators. Catala Transport LLC is fake and fraudulent.

NEVER GIVE YOUR BANK INFO TO Catala Express/JMC Express/or Catala Transport UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. I got cheated by them.


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If this guy just took only $125.00 from you,you should really feel good.I contacted him in August 2011 and had an agreed price of $825.00 to transport my vehicle from Oregon to Texas, to be paid by credit card.

On August 29, the called me and instructed me to just pay the Driver the $825.00 cash and he would reverse the $825.00 charge to my credit card. Upon on delivery on 9/6, I paid the driver as instructed.

Upon receiving my October credit card statement, there were 4 charges to my statement in the amounts of $825.00, $205.00, $155.00 and $500.00.Needless to say Carlos would not talk with me.

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